RTK GPS Construction site levelling

Whether a plot of land, no matter what the size, you cannot truly see what space you have until you clear the ground and create a blank canvas to work from.

  • Clear concrete, walls, earth, vegetation, bushes, hedges and other debris to expose the soil
  • Break up and remove existing foundations and hardstandings from the ground
  • Level the site to make it safe to access
  • Regrade and profile the land to create a useful space or a unique feature
  • Arrange removal of all debris created

Soakaways, Land Drains & Rainwater Harvesting

Vegetation, litter and other debris combined with natural erosion creating sediment can all build up to reduce the efficiency and the capacity of the drainage system.

  • Basic clearance of any sediment and debris from just the middle of the drainage ditch or stream.
  • Clearance of the middle of the ditch or stream and reshaping of the banks e.g. create a box shape ditch
  • Excavation of any necessary trenches for pipes to the soakaway.
  • Installation of any pipework and backfilling of the trenches.

Land drains can be an effective way of draining large areas of ground, they can also be used in reverse to evenly disperse water into the ground from sources.

Ditch Creation & Maintenance

Soakaways are often a requirement for draining surface water from properties, they can also be useful when combined with a land drain for helping to dry out consistently soft, boggy ground.

  • Digging out of an excavation to the size you require for a soakaway, leaving you to complete the rest of the installation.
  • Installation of the soakaway which could be comprised of a suitable granular fill material or the more modern hollow crates.
  • Rerouting of the ditches and streams may be an option on some sites.
  • Removal of the excavated debris and sediment from the site
  • Spreading/levelling of the excavated debris over surrounding ground or any area of your choice.

If you do not have any ditches or streams in place but feel they would be an ideal solution to draining your property or site then give us a call to discuss the feasibility of creating some for you, in the right environment they can become a unqiue feature of the land and a habitat for natural wildlife.

Site Preparation and Clearance

Before a site can become workable, it may require some preparation works in the form of hard standings.

  • Excavation of any trial holes to allow for soil tests and percolation tests to be completed
  • Installation of hard core hard standings e.g. crushed stone or MOT type 1 for parking and storage areas etc.
  • Excavation of any trenches to allow any utilities/services to be connected
  • Creation of temporary access tracks/roads to minimise mess whilst vehicles access the site
  • Backfilling of trenches
  • Demolition of existing constructions